Cafe E DLF Emporio Mall

Cafe E, DLF Emporio, Delhi

Cafe E DLF Emporio Mall
Cafe E DLF Emporio Mall

A very dulcet location for a shopaholic who also wants to enjoy some healthy food is Cafe E. Set in the earmarked location; this atrium lounge cafe is set in the uber-luxurious Emporio Mall. One can enjoy eyeshot to the sybaritic stores like Armani, Christian Louboutin and the like, as well as make you aware of the trends by seeing the visitants make headway into the much written-about stores.

While the mall has some great dining options, if you are in a mood to have something healthy and quick, Cafe E is a great choice. From the European cuisine, it offers scrumptious crepes, salubrious soups and sandwiches, freshly made salads and coffee. Finding a place may get difficult if you go there during the peak lunch hours. It has an unwound setup with sofas, cushioned chairs and small round coffee tables. You are served water only upon request, not by default. The coffee tables sometimes are so small that you may end up not finding space to keep all that your order. I have seen silverware fall off guests tables (thankfully not mine yet!). I have always loved their fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Service is prompt and they are willing to customise dishes per the customer requirements.

A meal for 2 would typically cost about Rs. 1,500.



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