Halebeedu Belur photos

As mentioned in my earlier post on Halebeedu and Belur, it is a photographer’s delight. The temples stand in grand pose for you to come and shoot them.

The architecture and the skill of artisans is displayed in its entirety and grandeur. As the temple took around 2 centuries to be built, some of the craftsmen would not even have seen the complete state during their lifetime. You are the lucky one to be seeing them.

Below image will lead you to the complete gallery of selected photos from my trip.

Halebid Belur photo gallery
Halebid Belur photo gallery
The place has recently some under preservation from government and is prevented from further theft and damage.

Around the temples is the regular small town life and the locals do not seem to worry much about the prized possession of their town. I think I mentioned it earlier as well but would like to reiterate to hire a guide to understand the history behind the temple, dynasty it related to and the purpose why it was built.

The Sun can be dampening and a water bottle is must. I have no idea about the availability of local transport as we had gone in our own vehicles. During the entire trip I found no buses plying on the route we took to see the different temples.

My suggestion to you would be to hire a vehicle and then traverse the place. If you are around this place then do not miss the opportunity of visiting this place.



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