Hatta day trip in UAE

Ride through Hatta terrain

I had settled down in Sharjah at home and it were a few days past my arrival in the city. Friday is the weekend and people work on Saturday and Sunday. Dec 26, 2008 being a Friday, we planned to head out and explore the region called as Hatta.

Hatta is famous for the heritage village which is preserved in that region. Apart from the heritage value, the region probably once boasted of wide flowing river and its remains can be seen in the terrain. The landscape also reveals it with scales on water shaved rock.

It was a conducted tour from Arabian Desert Safari where my parents and me were driven around 130 km from our home taking about an hour to reach starting at 8 am. The Land Cruiser from Toyota is a powerful 4 wheel drive vehicle which is apt for maneuvering in such a rugged terrain.

Zipping on highway to Hatta

The road is beautiful and driving is a pleasure. Once off-road to the Hatta heritage region, the up and down landscape calls for a heavy duty vehicle with good shock absorbing technique. There were only 2 more co-passengers from Holland.

I had forgotten all my memory cards in India and hence had to look at the first stop market to buy some memory for my thirsty camera. Luckily there was a small local market which seemed to be meant for tourists like me and I was able to buy SD cards at quite high price.

Once we started back to stop only in the region where once river flow was existent. We had to walk in that region and see some really deep holes surrounded by rocks where water was still present. It seemed like river bed with rounded gravel stones and other natural items familiar around river bed.

Partial river flow remain in Hatta landscape

We spent an hour admiring the beauty of the place and assimilating the fact that a river once existed in the hot desert area.

Nearby is a preserved heritage village of Hatta which we could not visit due to limited timings on Friday days. On other weekdays, the timings are long for tourists to visit them.

The last part of the tour was a lunch at Hatta heritage hotel. It was a five-star luxuriously made hotel in the midst of desert. Once we entered the hotel compound, the green surroundings and the landscape maintained was very nice. I am sure it would take a lot of effort and cost huge to maintain such a property in desert climate.

Glimpse of super bikes at Hatta heritage hotel

We sat by the poolside for lunch had a gala time enjoying food and surroundings. It seemed like a good tourist attraction as we could see people from multiple countries enjoying themselves. It is situated right on the highway and adds to the visibility of hotel. We saw many super bikes like CBR, Harley, Hondas parked in the parking bay which seemed to belong to road trip bikers.

This was the end of our tour to Hatta and we zoomed back 100 km reaching home in no time. On our way back we could see the sun setting down and people setting up desert camps for a family outing.

Ratings and Recommendations: People with following interests will have a good time at heritage Hatta.

  • Landscape
  • Terrain
  • Heritage

Rating: 4/10



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