Elusive Leopard at Kabini

Kabini road directions

The season of wildlife is kicking in with wonderful cat sightings in Kabini for 2013 since January. The drive to Kabini “Jungle Lodges and Resorts” property is quite nice with good roads except for the last 12km. The last stretch of road is being built when I went there 4 days back. Below you will find Kabini road directions from Bangalore.

  1. Take the Bangalore-Mysore Highway and drive for around 150 km after which you will enter the town of Srirangapatna.
  2. Cross the Tipu Sultan town, now heritage city, Srirangapatna and keep an eye on your right side to find Columbia Asia hospital on a major traffic signal junction.
  3. Take right from this traffic signal and go till the dead end of this road. It should be around 15km upwards.
  4. At the dead-end, take right and continue till “HD Kote Hand post” landmark. It should be around 30 km.
  5. The¬†“HD Kote Hand post” landmark is a round-about of the HD Kote region and very popular.
  6. Keep continuing straight from this junction and “Jungle Lodges and Resorts” is around 30km from this place
  7. When you are following this road, you will reach a barricade at around 20km which is guarded by Forest guards. Only Forest vehicles are allowed beyond this point.
  8. You will have to take a left turn from there. Apart from JLR, other resorts are also on this route. This 12 km stretch is under construction with patchy tarred roads.

The above directions will safely take you to Kabini Jungle Lodges and Resorts OR any other resort in the place. The signage at JLR entrance says Bangalore is 224 km.

Elusive Leopard at Kabini
Elusive Leopard at Kabini

Enjoy the Safari’s and Big Cat sightings there.¬†Kabini is a nice place for Leopard sightings and Tigers are a bonus. I had my share of sightings for both the big cats apart from other predators and wonderful bird views.



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